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Combining nature and technology, CITROMAT, made from the pulp of citrus fruits, has the appearance of a vegetable talc; the surface of each particle being fine and regular, almost spherical, like a microbead. CITROMAT associates a micro-smoothing effect to an oil-absorbent effect: the fineness and regularity of the particles allow a very precise and non-aggressive exfoliation, and when they are in contact with the skin, these particles also act as a micro-blotting substance which can absorb the excess of sebum. Using CITROMAT gives back the skin its natural radiance, with a perfect velvety and an oil-free aspect.


Appearance : Thin powder
Colour : Pale yellow
Odour : Slight, pleasant


Micro-smoothing effect:
The fineness and regularity of the surface of each particle allows a very precise, non-aggressive, non-irritant exfoliation, which is suitable for every type of skin, even the most sensitive. Dead cells are dislodged softly, without any « scratching » sensation.

Anti-oily effect:
With an extraordinary retention capacity (100 % for oily substances), the particles absorb the excess of sebum at the surface of the skin, without disturbing the barrier function. They reduce the shiny aspect of oily skin without any over-drying effect.


Thanks to an extraordinary texture, very fluid, CITROMAT can be used in:
- gentle exfoliating refiners and peelings for face and body;
- purifying and absorbent masks;
- toning and smoothing shower gels;
- shampoos and hair masks for oily hair.


CITROMAT is easily mixable in anionic and amphoteric surfactants, in monophase gels and biphase systems such as O/W and W/O emulsions, without any interference or specific incompatibility. The fineness of the particles confers a great fluidity of the material when incorporated in a formula.


INCI Name (EU) : Citrus Dulcis, Citrus Limonum, Citrus Grandis
INCI Name (US) : Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Powder, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Powder, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Powder

CAS no. : 8028 48 6, 84929 31 7, 90045 43 5
Einecs no. : 232 433 8, 284 515 8, 289 904 6  
Custom tariff no. (EU): 13021998


Keep in the original tightly closed container, at room temperature (20°C), protected from light, heat and moisture.


Facial and body refiners, facial masks, shower gels, hair care: 5 - 15 %

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