Ennagram - firm
Ennagram at the forefront in vegetal extraction.


has more than fourteen years of experience in research , development , and production of natural extracts .
The most advanced technology is applied to extracting the active ingredients of herbal and marine raw materials.

Ennagram - firm - Plant

To ensure optimal care of crops from planting
to harvesting
, Ennagram obtains raw materials
from all over the world exclusively through
selected farmers and suppliers. Ennagram strictly
prohibits pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins
and microbiological contamination in herbal
and marine raw materials.
PLANT (Extraction and Package)

In each adjusted place (liquid extraction, dry extraction,
specific extraction), Ennagram maintains professional
and experience in the preparation
of natural extracts
with its own technology
and know how. Ennagram carries out specific and exclusive
on request. Ennagram - firm - Quality Control
Ennagram - firm - Plant

Ennagram applies chemical , physical
and microbiological control
at each step of the production process ,
from raw material
to finished natural extract.
Ennagram - firm
Ennagram - firm
Ennagram - firm
ennagram - firm

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