Bletia Hyacinthina (Bai Qi)


Bai Qi, also known as Chinese Violet Orchid, Japanese Orchid, or Hyacinth Orchid, is found in China, Indochina and Japan. This is a perennial orchid 20-30 cm tall, with a stem thickened at the base into a flat tubercule consisting of several internodes, and long leaves. 3 to 6 violet-pink flowers appear in April. The pseudobulb is yellow, long and flat. In Chinese medicine, the pseudobulb is pulverised then mixed with sesame oil and used as an emollient, itch-relieving, hydrating, and vulnerary (healing) agent in case of burns, cuts, cracks, and chaps. It is also used to treat minor skin disorders.


The pseudo-bulb contains a high amount of mucilage. There are also an essential oil, glycosides, saponins, polysaccharides, and flavonoids.


Bai Qi is emollient and soothing (mucilage), and slightly tonic (essential oil).

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